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Sinopharm Sandwich Dayao Ye Ltd. is invested by China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation Holdings to produce anti-infective drugs based integrated pharmaceutical company. The company is located in the Chinese historical and cultural city, known as the "coal capital" of the energy base --- Datong. Sinopharm Holdings Datong's anti Weiqi Da Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has antibiotic intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, finished products of a complete industrial chain, and has a 600 tons / year production capacity of potassium clavulanate.
Company in Guangzhou, Shanghai and the company headquarters established R & D base, product marketing network covering more than 20 countries and regions.
According to China Pharmaceutical Group Sinopharm Weiqi Da strategic development plan, the pharmaceutical industrial park in Datong completed the construction of the new plant, with a nucleus of three antibiotics 7-ACA ,6-APA ,7-ADCA and the whole production chain capacity. Sinopharm Datong antibiotics industrial base has begun to take shape.


Medicines Weiqi Da rapid development in the course of which, condensed out of Sandwich Dart some corporate culture. "Weiqi Da speed", "Weiqi Da Spirit", "5 +2, white with black", all reflect Weiqi Da Man ??"pioneering hard work, love and win-win" spirit of enterprise culture.
"Caring for life, health care" business philosophy, leading to fulfill Weiqi Da Medicines social responsibility, based on improving product quality, energy conservation, environmental protection, production safety, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, committed to the cause of human health services professional progress, excellence, creating a green, clean production environment.






☆ February 2013, the company awarded the "2012 annual comprehensive assessment of advanced enterprise" honorary title Development Committee.
☆ 2012 In December 2009, the company was awarded the Association for Foreign Investment in Shanxi "2011 Outstanding foreign-invested enterprises in Shanxi Province."
☆ 2012 In January 2009, the company was awarded the "high-tech enterprises in Shanxi Province."
☆ 2012 In December 2009, the company awarded the "2010-2011 civilized and harmonious unit" Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee of Development
☆ 2012 In May 2009, the company was awarded the "Shanxi Credible Enterprise" Shanxi Administration for Industry.
☆ 2012 In May 2009, the company was named the "China Pharmaceutical Industry Association," China Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

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